Claire de Santa Coloma

Exhibition tour with Klaus Gerrit Friese and Teresa Karst

»We see familiar forms with which we always immediately associate something. This connection, however, is disturbed by what Claire de Santa Coloma has made of it. In this respect, the exhibition title she has chosen, INNER, is a special reference on the one hand to this relationship of tension and, on the other hand, a connection to what is moving us at this moment — namely this mental return to what is taking place inside us right now, which she has given an external form.«
Gallerist Klaus Gerrit Friese and curator of the exhibition Teresa Karst give insights into the first solo show at Galerie Friese by Claire de Santa Coloma. INNER is on view through June 27, 2021.

Video: art/beats
Installation view: Eric Tschernow
Courtesy: Claire de Santa Coloma and Galerie Friese, Berlin