7 Artists – 7 Rooms

William N. Copley, Franziska Holstein, Karin Kneffel, Dieter Krieg, Thomas Müller, Georg Karl Pfahler, Cornelius Völker

Exhibition tour with Klaus Gerrit Friese

“And that is exactly what happens in this exhibition, that we take a look back into the past century, which seems to be as vibrant as ever, and also into the new works. This is the interaction that really interests us.” — Gallerist Klaus Gerrit Friese gives insights into the group show »7 Artists – 7 Rooms« with works by seven gallery artists, currently on view at Galerie Friese through April 17, 2021. Despite the diversity of the artistic positions, they share an acute sense of quality and artistic precision. The stories told—by a polar bear skin rug, flower petals falling within the color space of the painting, constructivist collages, and by the German word Fett [fat, grease] almost glaring at us—capture and inspire us in the best possible way.

Video: Otto Felber. Courtesy the artists, Pfahler Archive & Galerie Friese, Berlin