Strange Wor(l)ds—Exhibition tour with Nikolaus Gansterer

Over the past fifteen years, a loose group of artists, some networked, some acting independently, has formed that has redefined drawing and “liberated” it from paper. Nikolaus Gansterer is one of them, and he makes use of pretty much all of the means and techniques that make up what can be called “new drawing.” With filigree mobiles and wooden braids, he extends drawing into the three-dimensional. With performative actions, he makes the act of drawing tangible and allows the viewer to participate in its intuitive elemental force. With installation arrangements of diverse materials, he links line and sculpture. And in large, meticulously assembled display cases, he “draws” with randomly found or consciously collected objects, such as trash, scraps of paper, odds and ends—leaving paper, pen, and pencil behind.

Strange Wor(l)ds, Video, 2023. Courtesy: Galerie Crone, Berlin Wien. Words & Voice: Nikolaus Gansterer. Cinematography & Editing: Don Hoang. Music: Artemis by Fiftysounds