Sunyashnik auction is a volunteer initiative that was created by Darya Savchenko and Nicola Petek in the response to current war in Ukraine, very savage war where the russian army is aiming to destroy lives and homes of Ukranian people. Every person in Ukraine is affected by the war and great many need help, thankfully Ukrainian people are teaming up to provide help to those in need in their local communities and we created this auction to help the helper. Our aim is to collect money for volunteers and small organisations through the means of art. That is why we are offering the works featured (we will start posting the works on Wednesday the 23rd of March) on the Instagram account sonyashnik_auction for auction via comments, with 100% of the raised funds going to organisations helping people and animals affected by the war in Ukraine. We do not act as a 3rd party in handling the money, the person who wins the lot sends the money directly to our partner charities and we need a proof of donation to proceed with shipping. You can find a detailed list of donation options and link to their pages, where they show whom and how they help in the link tree in sonyashnik_auction account’s bio.

Around 30 artists from around the world agreed to give their works and starting price of all works will be at 50% of their original value. Not only Berlin artists will be featured but also from Ukraine, China and even from Russia ( for whom it is probably the only way to protest against their country’s politics) and other countries.

The auction will run from Saturday 26.03 till Sunday 03.04 on sonyashnik_auction instagram account . The buyer will cover the final price + shipping costs. The highest bidder will be informed by direct message and invited to donate the final price to one (or split to several) of the listed organisations. All the further information and contact details you can find on our instagram account there we also are going to post additional information about charities we support, institutions that support us, ukraine and more