Jeanette Mundt
God Told Him to Wait

Gallery Openings—15 Sep 2023, 6 to 9 PM

Mundt’s dynamic, formally omnivorous practice freely taps a variety of input, ranging from art historical references to personal photographs. Reworking and repurposing motifs from sources as diverse as Odilon Redon, illuminated manuscripts, medieval tapestries, Wade Guyton, and Matthias Grünewald, Mundt’s recent paintings eschew adhering to an individual style in favor of a poly-aesthetic approach. The mood of these works—which are in turns contemplative, seductive, foreboding, and celestial—respond to the rage and rapture that pervade a cultural moment marked by climate change, the rise of religious extremism, and the curtailment of women’s rights. 

Jeanette Mundt at Societe

Jeanette Mundt, Sacrifice, 2023, Oil on canvas, 71.1 x 55.9 cm, Courtesy the artist and Société, Berlin