Jana Schröder

Gallery Openings—15 Sep 2023, 6 to 9 PM

Jana Schröder at Meyer Riegger

Jana Schröder, HAWO RVL 1, 2023, 320x275cm, Acrylic on canvas, Photo: Johannes Bendzulla

Jana Schröder at Meyer Riegger

Jana Schröder, PERLASYNTHIC S1, 120x95cm, 2023, Acrylic on Canvas, Photo: Johannes Bendzulla

When it comes to painting, Jana Schröder has always imposed rules on herself. The works in her PERLASYNTHIC, NEUSEC, and HAWO series, however, which are now on view for the first time at Meyer Riegger, are different: Schröder works more freely, there are no longer any fixed rules. As the artist herself says, 

“I tried to do everything possible with colour here. The one rule here was probably that I was allowed to do anything.”

These are some of the rules that are normally in force: only two colours, round shapes only, and no corners. Or: no interrupted lines, only continuous ones. If she breaks a rule, but the visual result makes sense, then adapted rules will follow. In this way, Schröder systematically re-evaluates the fundamental mechanisms of painting. These restrictions enable her to find the freedom of her own pictorial language time and time again.

Before Schröder began the PERLASYNTHIC series in 2021, she tended to work with oil paints. The paintings shown in the exhibition, however, are in acrylic. With this decision, Schröder presents her painterly oeuvre from a completely new perspective.