Leyla Yenirce a.k.a. Rosaceae at Elbphilharmonie Hamburg - 15 MARCH

Elbphilharmonie Session mit Rosaceae © Sophie Wolter 

Performance – 15 MAR, 8.30 pm @ Elbphilharmonie Hamburg


As Rosaceae, the multidisciplinary artist Leyla Yenirce condenses down sounds, images and documentations of feminist resistance in her works. Rosaceae’s audiovisual works are multiform collages. She assembles impactful speech samples and auratic field recordings with musical elements of noise, ambience and techno. Rosaceae performs her work »A Piece Of The Storm« as part of the ePhil series. Electronic sound fields and the voice of vocalist Simav Hussein open up a space of resonance that negotiates that which spoken language cannot reveal.

Leyla Yenirce studied Fine Arts in Hamburg. She has been awarded the Karl H. Ditze Kunstpreis, the Bundespreis für Kunststudierende, the Playground Art Prize and, most recently, the Ars Viva Preis 2023. Her works have been performed at the Münchner Kammerspiele and the Berliner Festspiele, among other festivals, and include both audiovisual and performative elements. Her composition »Helbest« was published in collaboration with Deutschlandfunk Kultur.

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