Sinta Werner
Anticipation of the Moment

Sinta Werner’s work demonstrates a fascination for the dematerialising and perception-altering effects of glass in interaction with architectural structures. In her fourth solo exhibition at the Galerie alexander levy, glass cubes hang on the walls or stand on a slide projector and throw immaterial, tectonic light and shade forms. […] Sinta Werner’s photographic works could be described as viewing machines or optical apparatuses that give ephemeral, broken perspectives on late Modernist buildings. The primarily black and white architectural images – the small-format photos of the series Anticipation of the Moment are taken from historical books, the artist made the large-format ones of the series Erscheinen um zu verschwinden – are overlaid with glass strips. Framed in dark-stained wood, they are placed where the glass usually and unobtrusively protects the image. Size and placement are variable. They are oriented towards the architectural structures that form the image and optical effects such as the material and semantic intertwining evoked by the cut and use of glass. […] Finally, in the series Passages Marginales, vitreous effects are simulated. Here, Werner’s highly blurred photographs show embassy buildings as if shot through vertically ground glass. Depending on the focal point, the incisions made on the actual photographic surface appear to be fences, image interferences or shimmering air. The deeper dimensions start to pulsate and one’s own orientation to teeter when looking at these images.

Director/ Producer: Marietta Auras. Camera: Elias Bötticher. Editor: Fatmir Dolci. Voice Over: Sinta Werner. Sound Design: slimgirl fat. Sound Mix: Adam Asnan