Ella Littwitz
Pillar of Salt

Ella Littwitz’s works deal with issues informed by the political, social and cultural in nature, conceptualizing landscapes through no-man’s lands, transitions and removals. Her interest lies in the constant desire of humankind to draw limits, control nature, soil shift and landscape and make of all these sovereign ideologies.

For the exhibition, Littwitz focuses on locations along the Southern part of the Jordan River, where the border between Jordan and Israel is along the water, where two tectonic plates collide, causing a constant shift of the terrain, where Jesus is believed to have been baptized and the Israelites entered the promised land. An area that is also called the land of pursuits.

Littwitz’s works echo the Biblical and modern narratives associated with these areas, presenting us with diverse examples of transition, transfiguration and the formation of political constructs through acts of belief.