Nuri Koerfer*

Nuri Koerfer, The Messenger (dragonflies), 2019. Courtesy The Artist © Carl Simon

Her social sculptures manifest ideas of language through semiotic structures that give life to the symbols, gestures and materials she uses. This corporal gesture is equal to any text that could be spoken or written in regards to her intentions. Which is why she uses the animal motif to carry an unsaid connection point between herself and the viewers. Offering them a space to sit, lay and reflect inside her creation is the ultimate gesture of both vulnerability and sentiment. This is not often found between the art object and its onlooker, although this hospitality can be frequently found in natural landscapes like a moss-soaked forest bed or a sunlit beach.

Penny Rafferty

On the occasion of Gallery Weekend *Discoveries, Galerie Lars Friedrich is pleased to present new works by Swiss sculptor Nuri Koerfer in a first solo exhibition. Starting with seating furniture, the artist plays through questions of closeness and distance, between art, its producer and the viewer. Nuri Koerfer lives and works in Berlin. From 2015-2019 she organized the exhibition space MAVRA together with Mark Soo and Julian Stalbohm. Among others her works have been shown at sculpturegarden Geneva Biennale (2020) and Brücke Museum Berlin (2019). From the end of September on it can be seen at Athens Biennale 2021.

Nuri Koerfer, Thron, 2020. Courtesy The Artist & Lars Friedrich, Berlin © Carl Simon