Hans-Christian Lotz

Hans-Christian Lotz, Untitled, 2020, Mixed media, 65 x 60 x 10 cm © Timo Ohler, Berlin

[V]iewers will view voluntarily, until it’s too hot.

Noah Barker, Texte zur Kunst, 2022

Hans-Christian Lotz shows wall decorations and multimedia elements, which will eventually equip a neurological practice in Berlin-Neukölln. As such, they will be made accessible to an extended public here at the gallery beforehand.

Lotz has been working on the topics of consciousness and mind for more than ten years.

Hans-Christian Lotz, Untitled, 2020, Video, 4:50 min. Videostil

Lotz’s work calls up a plausible horizon for a civilizational space about to appear.

Lars Bang, Larsen Texte zur Kunst ,2017

Hans-Christian Lotz, Untitled, 2021, Aluminum, acrylass, 124 x 76 x 10 cm © Flavio Karrer

Lotz renders his poetics with the flair of a hard-boiled cyberpunk author. … they (the works) document the process by which the organic becomes entangled in the inorganic.

Boško Blagojević, Artforum, 2015

Hans-Christian Lotz, A Tarski World, 2021, Sauna, 4 Sildeshows, Hardware © Florian Rossmanith. Courtesy New Toni, Berlin