David Polzin
Zeit des Sitzens

The core of the exhibition is the first of four episodes of the film “Zeit des Sitzens”, which was developed in collaboration with the sculptor Anna Herms. In the role of the director of the fictional collection “GOOD DESIGN from 60 Years of Germany”, Polzin as Maximilianus Nadènne meets the fictional design icon Christina Zierakc to uncover a success story of the “Exile Collective”. According to Polzin’s narrative, this has fundamentally influenced the “Federal German design history”, while their furniture was considered to be “unseatable” and the “most uncomfortable”.

The exhibition features a screening of the first episode of “Zeit des Sitzens” and a selection of seating sculptures.

Trailer "Zeit des Sitzens" by David Polzin from Klosterfelde Edition on Vimeo.

Trailer “Zeit des Sitzens” by David Polzin. From Episode 1 of 4. With Christina Zierakc. Text by Anna Herms. Supported by Senatsverwaltung für Integration, Arbeit und Soziales Berlin. On view at Klosterfelde Edition, Berlin through January 29, 2022 © Klosterfelde Edition & David Polzin