Alison Yip*

Alison works through painting, wall treatments, sculpture and writing to think about the persistence of figuration and the dispersed nature of our cognitive apparatus. She investigates various forms of figure-producing phenomena such as Tulpamancy, frequencies, pareidolia, and sleep paralysis.  

Alison Yip

For her first solo exhibition in Berlin, Alison Yip has produced two series of oil paintings on metal and laminate floor tile, that depict herself as a marionette-like figure in two parallel, but contradictory projections of the future. These scenarios were constructed with the help of a neo-shaman and a psychic, who answered the same set of specific questions about everything from love, to her relationship with the gallerist with whom she will exhibit. Alternate and perhaps more legitate models of time and envisioning the future(s) are defined here with careful and detailed brushwork, pushing towards plasticity. The work is intentionally presented in the gallery during mid-renovation. Billowing plastic sheets cover the walls pinned at certain points by the vignette paintings. A sculptural chair made from special edition scarves serves as a real-life manifestation of a psychic prediction, and reveals the negotiation between an artist and the commercial forces she is expected to pander to. A text by Tiziana La Melia will accompany the exhibition.