Galerie Michael Haas presents Fritz & Barbara Klemm

Christina Haas and Hubertus von Amelunxen jointly introduce the exhibition by father and daughter Fritz and Barbara Klemm and thus offer an opportunity to experience the latest show at the Galerie Michael Haas.

The gallery, in collaboration with Klemm’s estate, has managed to put together one of the most comprehensive exhibitions of works on paper by Fritz Klemm. The artist created an astounding body of work using paper and paint as a subtle and almost poetic source material. The increasing reduction, especially within the theme ‘wall’ (the representation of his studio wall), lead him into the realm of abstraction.

Barbara Klemm had many artists, including her father Fritz, in front of her camera. These photographs, as well as a selection of other artist portraits, accompany the exhibition.

On view at Galerie Michael Haas and Kunst Lager Haas until 27 February 2021.