Amelie von Wulffen
I Think We Did A Great Job

9 MAR until 13 APR 2024

‘But everything is still there, as real and as peaceful as ever.

I want to document it in paintings, and I’ve been asking myself whether the current situation, the unease that many people are feeling at the moment, is similar to what gave rise to the Neue Sachlichkeit of the twenties and thirties. Did the urgent need to paint pictures of houseplants, a glass of water, the view from the window or one’s own face emerge from a general sense of being under threat?

You might call it Panic Realism, if you’re fond of catchphrases.

Weissensee – a district near Prenzlauer Berg, in the former East Berlin – is only now being gentrified. Land and house prices have exploded, but most of it still looks run-down and impoverished. The decorations you can see in people’s front gardens and in apartment and shop windows are depressing, but also touching; depending on my mood, they can cheer me up or they can get me down. What’s for certain, however, is that they are all soon going to disappear.’

– Amelie von Wulffen