Walter Stöhrer
The feed-back proves,
the feed-back is the law
Exhibition tour with Klaus Gerrit Friese

Gallerist Klaus Gerrit Friese gives insights into the solo exhibition »Walter Stöhrer. The feed-back proves, the feed-back is the law«, currently on view at Galerie Friese through March 28, 2021. He talks about his personal connection to Stöhrer’s oeuvre, its presence, and its continuous appeal. 
Walter Stöhrer has always dedicated himself to the pulsating, emotionally charged chaos of humans and the figure. This solo exhibition focuses on his extremely dynamic paintings from the 1980s and early 1990s and is accompanied by works on paper from throughout his creative period. A series of small-format, highly personal drawings, and sketches, exclusively from the estate of the Walter Stöhrer Foundation, will also be shown for the first time, providing an intimate and impressive glimpse into the artist’s studio and Stöhrer’s working methods. 
Video: Otto Felber. Courtesy Walter Stöhrer-Stiftung & Galerie Friese, Berlin