Asta Gröting & Ming Wong

Opening—15 Sep 2023, 6 to 9 PM

3D Scan of Asta Gröting Studio

3D scan of Asta Gröting’s studio, 2023, Image © Asta Gröting, Courtesy of the artist and carlier | gebauer, Berlin/Madrid

Fortune marks a decade of friendship between Asta Gröting and Ming Wong, who both had their first exhibitions with carlier | gebauer over ten years ago. Fortune presents a reflection and mirroring of the two Berlin artists’ perspectives on work, space, media and materials in a transitioning, precarious city of artists. The gallery space is transformed into a scenography of shifting spaces, colors, lights, sounds, objects and ideas arising from conversations surrounding their evolving artistic praxes, as a response to the ever-changing conditions of the city.

Central to their collaborative approach to this occasion are two new films resulting from experiments in re-experiencing the physicality of the artist’s studio through a combination of new and old technology and materials used to capture its immaterial volume and scale. Mirroring each other’s practice, Ming Wong and Asta Gröting together have created a space in which film enters the realm of sculpture, and sculpture enters the realm of film.

Throughout the duration of the exhibition, the artists will present a program of performances, readings, film screenings and sound works.

Photo of Ming Wong and Asta Gröting

Asta Gröting & Ming Wong, July 2020, Berlin, Courtesy of the artists and carlier | gebauer, Berlin/Madrid

Asta Gröting (b.1961, Herford) lives and works in Berlin; Ming Wong (b.1971, Singapore) lives and works in Berlin.