Lúcia Koch
Light Falls

carlier | gebauer is pleased to announce Light Falls, the gallery’s first solo exhibition with the Brazilian artist Lúcia Koch.

Lúcia Koch’s immersive sculptural, photographic, and installative works shift and reimagine the spaces they inhabit by proposing new relations of scale, occupation, and materiality. Her practice has developed through a careful attention to the physical and social aspects of urban life and architecture, beginning with her early site-responsive interventions with the collective project Arte Construtora in the 1990s and extending to more recent installations that transform public spaces and exhibition venues through the use of large-scale images, translucent materials, perforated surfaces, fabrics, and color-correction filters.

Light is one of the central materials in Lúcia Koch’s practice, which she often modulates through interventions on ceilings, windows, and other architectural openings. Koch describes that when she installs a filter, or any surface with some degree of transparency, more than separating inside from outside, it operates as a communication device connecting two spaces and people standing next to it. For her first exhibition with carlier | gebauer, Koch has created articulated pieces that replicate the shape of the gallery’s windows into falling sculptures that unfold from the ceiling. She will also exhibit works from her Fundos series: luminous photographs of the interiors of empty boxes that she prints in outsized dimensions and adapts to a particular context or architecture, giving the impression of extending the spaces in which they are installed. Koch’s subtle, ephemeral interventions create altered states of the places themselves, and the works in Light Falls can be understood as a set of differences rather than a collection of materials or objects.

Lúcia Koch (b.1966, Porto Alegre) lives and works in São Paulo. Her work has been showcased in numerous solo exhibitions, including at the Palais de Iena in Paris (2022), the Museu de Arte Contemporânea MAC-USP, São Paulo, Brazil (2021), the Instituto Inhotim in Brumadinho, Brazil (2021), Lina Bo Bardi’s Casa de Vidro, in São Paulo, Brazil (2019), Edifício Peninsula, Porto Alegre, Brazil (2019), and the Fundación Caja de Burgos in Burgos, Spain (2015). She has participated in group exhibitions at the MAAT-Museu de Arte, Arquitetura e Tecnologia in Lisbon (2019), Portugal, the Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery (LAMAG) in Los Angeles, USA (2017), Wexner Center for the Arts, in Columbus, USA (2014), the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Fransisco, USA (2009), MOT-Contemporary Art Museum, Tokyo (2008), among many others. She has participated in several Biennales, including the 1st Rabat Biennial, in Morocco; the Architecture Biennial in Orleans, France; the 11th Sharjah Biennial in the United Arab Emirates; the 11th Lyon Biennial in France; the 1st Aichi Triennial in Nagoya Japan; the 27th São Paulo Biennial in Brazil; the 3rd Göteborg Biennial in Sweden; the 8th Istanbul Biennial in Turkey.