Between the past and the future

by Li Zhenhua

The Chinese curator and artist Li Zhenhua, (*1975 Beijing, China) lives between Berlin, Zurich and China. During the Covid-19 Lockdown, he was stuck in Berlin. In this photo log-book he speaks about this unusual experience.

“I had curated two projects in Pingshan Art Museum, Shenzhen and Suzhou Museum, Suzhou. Both started from the end of 2019 through February and March 2020. I had even booked trips from Europe to Shenzhen and Hongkong, on February 1st and March 15th, one for a symposium in Shenzhen, the other for Art Basel in Hongkong. I was in a motivated mood and prepared for 2020, Zurich and Berlin. The future at that time seemed pretty straight forward.”

“Everything finally back in tune, my agenda is full, travel from Zurich to Tübingen, then back to Berlin again, soon I will go to England, and as the Queen said, we will meet again. Yes, if life has not stopped yet, what shall I do?
But the system might be a bit different now, after the COVID-19 and BLM movement. There is also the question of stock-market inflation, auctions, gallery openings, more proposals for big shows in 2021. The question would be, how to compensate the loss of lives and time. In 2020, anyway, this pause was an unexpected hold, but life goes on. And we shall meet in the galleries, museums, exhibitions, or maybe encounter at the airport or on the plane… to travel far from home, meet new people, learn new art, get together.”