Contemporary art in historic buildings in Kirchmöser

From July to September, nine Berlin galleries and the silent green Kulturquartier in Kirchmöser, just under an hour west of Berlin, will be showing works by their artists. The exhibition occupies the former administration building of a gunpowder factory, which later served as a medical facility, as well as the associated old theater, directly on the shores of Lake Plauer. In the approximately 60 rooms and one large hall, they present an extensive program of installations, sculptures, videos and paintings, including John Bock, Lea Draeger, Friederike Feldmann, David Horvitz, Bjørn Melhus, John Miller, Navid Nuur, Karin Sander, Jan St. Werner, Sinta Werner, Franz West and many more. The initiative marks the dawn of Kirchmöser’s historic buildings as a meeting place for contemporary art.

If you get off the train in the Brandenburg village, it takes barely ten minutes to see the first impressive clinker brick buildings of Kirchmöser. Starting in 1915, some 400 factory buildings were erected on the peninsula; a single powder factory, surrounded by nature and water. Some of the buildings, which have been empty for decades, are now being brought back to life, including the once prestigious headquarters −made famous as the filming location of “Barbara” by Christian Petzold− and the theater, known as Klubhaus der Eisenbahner (Railroader’s Clubhouse). Right after visiting the exhibition, those who brought their bathing suits, can sunbathe and go for a refreshing swim.

silent green
Galerie Alexander Levy
Galerie Barbara Weiss
Esther Schipper
Klosterfelde Edition
Meyer Riegger
Plan B
Sprüth Magers